San Diego - [Part 2] - Voting ends: NOVEMBER 2nd, 2014

In the conclusion to our San Diego throwdown with Levy Moroshan and Dan Hughes, the guys are given their REFOCUS! and start their challenge with LIMITED time! Check out how they perform under pressure and see their final shots so you can cast your VOTE!

  • Levy Moroshan
    55.1%173 votes
  • Dan Hughes
    44.9%141 votes

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Donald Gray II's picture

No matter how you feel about the final images, I am surprised to see how much there is to learn through observing each photographer's process. I also appreciate the debate in the comments about who best met the requirements for the assignment. Congratulations on this triumph of edutainment. I look forward to watching this show grow and improve. And thanks to JDP for the PhotoThrowdown t-shirt he gave me at PPE!

Ani CampeanPetras's picture

How fun!! What a great challenge!! Great work both of you! Levy has my vote ofcourse, he's not only a friend, but I've been very impressed with his work since day 1. Keep up the great work guys!!! :-) Have a blessed Sunday!

Emil Evi's picture

Good Job to both men. For the first time in a long while, I was actually watching something interesting and entertaining. The fact you got to see the thought processes it takes to bring a piece of art to fruition while also having the competitive jabs and "well wishing" from one contestant to the other kept me wanting to see the next minute and the next. I say Levy overall did the better job hands down... besides... he's funnier !!!

Clinton Wahlen's picture

Levi's photo does have San Diego written all over it, including the cook!

Dan Wright's picture

So much shade...