San Diego - [Part 2] - Voting ends: NOVEMBER 2nd, 2014

In the conclusion to our San Diego throwdown with Levy Moroshan and Dan Hughes, the guys are given their REFOCUS! and start their challenge with LIMITED time! Check out how they perform under pressure and see their final shots so you can cast your VOTE!

  • Levy Moroshan
    55.1%173 votes
  • Dan Hughes
    44.9%141 votes

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Peter Tellone's picture

Dan's tells a Story, Levy - Here stand in front of the truck. And since the "Assignment" was to show San Diego, the image needs to tell a story. If the assignment was take a portrait, then Levy's image would be stronger.
Also on the initial challenge, The "assignment" was specific. Show something that says San Diego. The Hotel Del is NOT in San Diego. If you say Hey it's close. That's not what a Photo Editor or a Client like say "The SD Conventions and Visitor bureau" would say. It's about knowing the Assignment. Thats' why Dan should win

Andreea Stoia's picture

Dan' s tells what story? I'm buying a sandwich at a random food truck in a random city!?

Damian Battinelli's picture

UGH!!! Who am I supposed to vote for??? Oh wait, they'll never know who I voted for, muahahaha!!

Kathryn Costello's picture

They were both really good. I was impressed by how well these photographers understood light and were able to get their shots in so few frames. I love watching other photographers creating their image--i.e. Levy with the filter and Dan metering--you can see that the photograph started in their imagination and they built it one element at a time. I loved how Levy used the plants in the foreground in his composition. What I saw in his photograph was so different than the setting I was seeing in the video. I liked the interpersonal connection in Dan's image (this connection is also why I strongly preferred Levy's mini challenge photo). Ultimately the image has to be technically strong and Dan's image with the light flooding through the roof of the truck was a deal-breaker. Levy gets my vote.

Nanette Salvaggio's picture

Although both images are good, Dan's answers the assignment, Levi's is a great portrait of the owner of the truck, but does not tell the story. The same with the mini challenge, Levi's was a great portrait of the couple, but Dan's seemed to sell San Diego better. Levi never took two images that did not stray from what he does for a living. Loved the inclusion of the light metering Dan was doing also.

Brad Matthews's picture

Well, well, and well......who to vote for? Great episode!

Nick Bagley's picture

Dan is one of my professors so naturally, he has my vote!

Andreea Stoia's picture

I'm sure if he was a good professor he would have wanted a fair vote not one out of respect.

Mornee Sherry's picture

It was close....but considering the dedication Dan displayed by getting that haircut, I have to give it to him. He is a brave man!!!

Andreea Stoia's picture

Soooo grown up!

Oana Purcar Bodnariu's picture

Great shot Levy ! definitely, he gets my vote!!

Damaris Albu's picture

I vote for Levy!

Andreea Stoia's picture

If people would watch without bias (Dan got a haircut, Dan was my professor..) then voting would be fair. But some people still need to grow up and realize that a true artist wants a fair vote, not one out of pity or respect. Vote for the work not for your friend! The kind of professionalism Dan showed (lacked) on the show in taking every opportunity to put Levy down, shows a lack of confidence-purely EVIDENT in his final product. That happened because before he even knew what he was going to do, Dan told Levy he knew he was going to win. Some artists are in it for the win, others are in it for the pure joy that comes from a challenge. The person buying a sandwich in Dans photo, could have been anyone. In Levy's shot you can see a proud inhabitant of the city.

Justin Paynter's picture

Andreea, I can assure you the personae you saw of Dan was done for the camera. He is a genuinely nice person who loves the art and isn't in it for the win. Also, remember that editing can influence how a person is cast in a video like this. I have spoken with friends about the work Dan does and he actually gets embarrassed when I try to brag for him. He is the first to talk up other photographers and artists while downplaying his own skills. I agree people should vote for their view of the best image for the assignment, but please don't bash Dan on poorly based assumptions.

Andreea Stoia's picture

Thank you Justin Painter! I don't know Dan (other than seeing him on the show). I'm sure you are right. It was a great show and both contestants did a great job. I just hope that voting is not based on popularity or other criteria, but on the quality of the work and based on how each contestant addressed the challenge.

Sara Klem's picture

Dan was definitely being sarcastic in his remarks to Levy. He seemed to be trying to get Levy to do the same back to him to keep things interesting.

Mornee Sherry's picture

Andreea Stoia......everyone who just read your post, is now dumber! Do me a favor and get off your soapbox, it's tools like you that make everything too serious. Dan is our friend and we were teasing him a little....Seems you posted so much, that you got your 5 minutes of fame. There's always one.....

Oana Purcar Bodnariu's picture

i just wonder how Dan's photo means "San Diego"... i like how in Levy's photo you can see the proud owner of a food truck and you can also see the address label on the truck saying San Diego. If Dan's photo would come up anywhere else than in this contest i would never guess it's taken in San Diego.. or it represents San Diego in any shape or form. It could be taken in Centennial Park - Atlanta where you have food trucks all the time ... Also i love Levy's humble attitude . He definitely shows professionalism and he has great skills ! Way to go !

Andreea Stoia's picture

Even if Levy were to lose this contest, I can just see him smiling and telling everyone what a great time he had doing this!

Todd Sipes's picture

I think the same can be said for both contestants.

Todd Sipes's picture

I think Dan did a superb job. Levy seems to only know how to shoot portraits.

Oana Purcar Bodnariu's picture

dude, Todd... seriously ? like.. how old are you? lol.. idk if it's ok to laugh at your attitude or cry.. bc it's sad. i hope you are some teenager and not a grown man !

Dan Hughes's picture

On Todd's comment. He is a hilarious troll. Be careful commenting back, he's very witty.

Andreea Stoia's picture

He had to post it he really wanted to make sure I got it!

Todd Sipes's picture

Based upon your grammatical prowess, I couldn't take any chances by assuming you'd get it on the first go around.

Todd Sipes's picture

I'm good with either as long as tears are involved.

Dan Hughes's picture

Hi Oana, Thank you for putting so much time into your comments. Just a few things though, Levy and I are good buddies, I respect him to no end and he knows that. The edit of the episode does paint a certain picture of me, but I'll have you know that Levy commented back on just about every jab and in fact took many jabs (and I thought funny), they just didn't make it to the episode. I had no control over that.

Oana Purcar Bodnariu's picture

Hi Dan, i don't know you as a person, i am sure you are a great guy and Levy is one of your good buddies. I am sure that the edit of the episode did not do justice, however, .. some of your voters' comments threw me off, i could say. Some of them did not lift you up, in my opinion, as a photographer, but rather those comments could be interpreted as professional weakness. Sorry for any miss-understanding! :-) great job with your work !

Dan Hughes's picture

No misunderstanding Oana. I'm glad you're here and you leaving comments. Keep them coming!

Eugen Dehelean's picture

It's not even freakin close.....Levy has the essence of San Diego captured in his shot with the greenery and blue sky in the background. You can't even tell it was shot in a business park because it looks like it could have been shot at the beach. Dan's on the other hand could have been taken in any other city of the world. Nothing in it paints a picture of San Diego.

Sara Klem's picture

The second assignment was "Whats for dinner in San Diego" If this was an editorial assignment then Dan's does a better job of showing off the food as well as a positive all around vibe when visiting the food truck. I do enjoy Levy's composition but his shot is a portrait and would be fitting for a write up on this specific food truck company. But does not show whats for dinner in San Diego. Both great photos, Dan's completes the assignment better in my opinion.

Todd Sipes's picture

Dan wins, hands down.

Dana Moroshan's picture

Levy's work is an instant classic!

HauntedSunshineGirl's picture

Go Levy!

Mercedes Rose's picture

Love me some Levy!

Cristina Neculcea's picture

I'm not a good photographer, but I know when I see an incredible picture. I liked Levi's shots, and I will explain why. The first shots were amazing from both photographers, but Dan's was something that you see more an a postal card, which it was still a beautiful shot. But Levi is sort of telling a love story that was born in San Diego. Second shot I feel like Levi expressed more detail throughout the whole shot, and Dan just focused on the food itself, and it just looked like any diner, not a specific one. Both Guys are talented.

Mihaela Sabau's picture

Levy"s photography includes sky, sunlight, flowers, trees - all showing the nature; also includes a face that express hot weather, a food truck that inspire freedom and the inscription on the truck showes the place. The image speaks clearly: 'if you're hungry, San Diego offers fast food for dinner'. On the other hand, Dan's photography shows in a clear and short manner a sandwich advertise.

Randolph Sellars's picture

I think that Levy's shot is far superior both aesthetically and technically. Levy delivered a winner with one less shot. Yes, the specific assignment question must be fulfilled - and they both did that well enough. But most important, a professional photographer needs to deliver a striking image. Levy answered the question by showing the signage of the truck and he reinforced the feeling of SoCal with sky and plants. Levy's shot looks very natural and yet he is using the strobes and variable ND combo to nicely to hold the color saturation of the sky and plants. Dan was more literal answering the question by showing the actual food - but without any literal or symbolic reference to San Diego. The composition of Dan's shot is rather boring and messy. The owner's face is blocked and the lighting is quite flat and bland. Dan should have taken his strobe inside the truck and bounced it off the ceiling and front wall to lift up the owner's face. He also should have repositioned the owner to make his face more clearly visible.

Bianca Strizu's picture

Levy's photo stands out as a photo that you remember; Dan's photo, although good, seems a little boring. My vote is definitely for Levy!

Isaiah Moroshan's picture

Dan's picture is more of a portrait, but Levy's tells a story. They were both really good but I get more information from Levy's. Sector 5 all the way.

Kiti Buto's picture

Bravo Levy! Foarte bine!

Daniel Bodnariu's picture

Foarte bine Levy! Ma bucur sa vad talentul, pasiunea si atentia la cele mai mici detalii care se vad atat de bine in ceea ce faci! God bless you and your beautifull family!

Meagan Pelkey's picture

Amazing job by both Participants but I've got to go with Dan on this one! San Diego should be proud.

Vivian Cykman Garner's picture

Levy holding the light for his competitor is the perfect example of the kind of class act that Levy is.

Sergiu Parvan's picture

Done! Good luck Levy!

Hajdu Dana's picture

Great shot Levy ! definitely, he gets my vote!!

Valeria Vitalo's picture

Go levy you the best.

Valeria Vitalo's picture

We no levy he is the best.God bless this man.he is the nr one .Very talented.

Levy by far.

Genoveva Virga's picture

I vote for Levy Moroshan!!!