New York City - [Part 2] - Voting ends: October 5th, 2014

Join us for the exciting conclusion of Photo Throwdown - NYC. The preparation is over and it’s time for Jen and Chris to get down to business. The challengers have been REFOCUSED and the shooting begins. The gloves are off as these two competitors go head to head to see who can win the hearts and minds of the viewers. VOTE NOW for who you think best interpreted the challenge and handled the REFOCUS with ease!


  • Chris Fain
    44%181 votes
  • Jennifer Rozenbaum
    56%230 votes

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Rodrigo Mancilla's picture

Great (and fun) job both of you!

Selvam Swaminathan 's picture

Great work Chris & JR, you guys were rocking.

Mandy Melowitz's picture

Nicely done Chris, but Jen stole this for me. They both made me laugh, but Jen made me feel something. Amazing all around. #teamJR

Betty Pittman's picture

Loved seeing how they each interpreted the challenge in such unique approaches!

Brad Matthews's picture

Loved every minute of it! Thank you for allowing Tether Tools to be a part of the adventure!

Nina Nilsson's picture

I love Chris take on this!

Mickayla Sargent's picture

Chris is the coolest person I know and an amazing photographer! Definitely team chris!!

Petrus Apostatos's picture

I loved the episode (got here through P.Hurley's site) & now I wait for San Diego.
I enjoyed the way they both worked - had some great ideas.
and I am confused because:
as few others already mentioned - we saw some some great frames during session, so the final choice is... a bit surprising.

I guess if Jen had chosen different one - I'd vote for Her. Her approach was great & she made some more emotional shots, and the love portal looked amazing.
this one She has chosen, although very good, does not convince me.

As for Chris - I find his portrait way better (and it's not that goofy, imo). The facial expression & the light - I'm totally for it. But I really don't like the mess in the background (it looks like a shot from a heavy party & it's not something I dig) - heater, some wires on the floor, something growing out of Matt's butt ;)
It's too little to show the "environment" and too much for portrait.

#teamJR 1:1 #teamchris

Jesica Bruzzi's picture

#teamchris :)

Teresa Nguyen Lai's picture

Love it! Go Chris!!

Donald Smith's picture

Great stuff from both photographers !

Laura Magane Goyer's picture

How incredibly fun! Both get major creativity and good sports points! I loved it.

Mimi Fain's picture

Chris definitely takes this one home! #teamChris!

Eileen Bertsch's picture


Eileen Bertsch's picture

Go chris

Eileen Bertsch's picture

Good luck chris! Love auntie Leenie

Bob Costello's picture

Chris Rocks!

Jana Arts's picture

I was most excited to see Matthew in this video. "Love is the answer!!" :D

Missy Adams's picture

Vote for TEAM JEN!

Chad DiBlasio's picture

#teamJR ROCK ON jen!!!

Jacob Slaton's picture

Great work by both photographers but my vote goes to Jennifer! The extra time to plan the shoot was a huge advantage!

Chris Hitchcock's picture

I really enjoyed both contestants and the result that they achieved. I would hope to get half as good a result with that much time pressure. #TEAMJR I adore the way you interact with your subject. I learnt more from 5 minutes watching you direct the model, than anything I have watched all year.

Jennifer Rozenbaum's picture

Thank you so much Chris. That a a tremendous compliment - I am humbled.