New York City - [Part 2] - Voting ends: October 5th, 2014

Join us for the exciting conclusion of Photo Throwdown - NYC. The preparation is over and it’s time for Jen and Chris to get down to business. The challengers have been REFOCUSED and the shooting begins. The gloves are off as these two competitors go head to head to see who can win the hearts and minds of the viewers. VOTE NOW for who you think best interpreted the challenge and handled the REFOCUS with ease!


  • Chris Fain
    44%181 votes
  • Jennifer Rozenbaum
    56%230 votes

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Scott Bourke's picture

Great work by both of them. Would be great to see some of the other images from both of them maybe once the voting is over. Keen to check out the shot Jennifer had with the Love Portal sign, and Chris's pirate skateboard image.

Daniel Wahlen's picture

Hey Scott! Those were two of my favorites as well. They've posted photo sets from both Chris and Jen over on the Photo Throwdown Facebook:

Oscar De La Villa Jr's picture

Amazing job to Jennfer and Chris!
Looking forward to Photo Throwdown - San Diego!

Cheryl Caldwell's picture

Go Chris

Jennifer Rozenbaum's picture

Scott Bourke - I will happily post some more images!

Kaitlyn Costello Fain's picture


Holly Plumadore's picture

Just curious... are the images edited also? Looks like fun! :)

Damian Battinelli's picture

Hey Holly! Yes, images are edited. :)

Amanda Stevens's picture


Amanda Picone's picture

So fun! Nice job, Chris, but #TeamJR all the way!

Kaitlyn Costello Fain's picture

Do you have to log in through FB or twitter to cast a vote?

Damian Battinelli's picture

Kaitlyn, there's a button for either one. :)

Alex Thomas's picture

Man, both Jen and Chris put a smile to my face as I saw them ahoot and interact and refocus given the curveball, but I really loved Jen's approach being able to that warm lovable side (as well as some of the goofy) out of Matthew. Go #teamJR

Kim Hill's picture

Great throw-down!! :) Where can we see the images captured from both of them?

Photo Throwdown's picture

Kim, at the end of the episode, you'll see the two images. We will add the images to the site as well.

Jacqueline Smallarz's picture

This is so cool, they both did great! hope this is on TV soon!

Christy Bell's picture

Fun also would like to see more images... I think Chris brought our the Crazy and Jenn tamed the beast... So to speak. TY for the variety!

Gord Clark's picture

I'm a sucker for the grey! As Scott has mentioned I would love to see more images. Also interested in the Love Portal sign shot. The red looked pretty cool in the quick preview we saw, so would love to see one of those. Awesome work by all!

Helen Breazeale's picture

Team Jennifer ;)

Summer Crook's picture

I agree with Scott! I would LOVE to see the shots with the "LOVE PORTAL" sign. Those looked killer! Loved both approaches to this challenge. I liked seeing him taken to the softer side, he was so expressive and it really made those softer images that much more dynamic.

Ron Smith's picture

They were both great! And that dude was awesome... I'd kill to have that shoot. I think final image should go to Jennifer though. Would love to see the rest.

Ron Smith's picture

And that PT promo image at the top is BRILLIANT!

Jason Goldberg's picture

I wish i could vote for both!

Jennifer Rozenbaum's picture

Really?? What kind of brother are you?? ;)

Jason Goldberg's picture

IM SORRY! DONT TELL MOM! Of course, #teamJR has my vote.

Brian Calabrese's picture

Awesome.. nice work Jen !

Megan Makos's picture

I loved this! Chris and Jennifer did a great job! I agree and would love to see some of the other images! I think this would make an amazing TV show! I can't wait to see the next Photo Throwdown! Go team JR!

Debbie Thornton's picture

Love me some Throwdown!
What a great idea & fun videos.
Can't wait for the next one!
Where can we see the final images?
Are they only shown at the end of the video?
(I'm on my iPhone)

Terry Clark's picture

great job by both... but I'd have to vote for Jen. Agree with others, would really love to see more of the range of images.... hope that is possible!

Daniel Ott's picture

Both did great, but I'm on Team Jen for this one! Can't wait for more...

Krisd Mauga's picture

Luv you JBaum!!!! go girl- YOU ROCKED IT with LOVE! That was hilarious and I so wish I had shot the wild hairy guy- so up my alley!

Sandy Noblitt's picture

Go Jen!!!

Jim Tobin's picture

Chris, I did like Jen's final better, but that doesn't represent how thoroughly I enjoyed watching you work with Matthew (I know they devoted more time to your shoot, but still!). Good job to both of you: Matthew for rocking the shoot; Jen for working out of your comfort zone and still pulling it off.

Kathryn Buffington's picture

#teamchris, hahahah he called Matt his spirit animal. love it!

Patti Killingsworth Smith's picture

Team Chris!!! Both of you did great! Jenn I know you are so talented and I wish both of you could win, but since he is my son I'd better stay on his team!!

Phillip Nostrand's picture

voted! Super awesome.

Lauren Dahn's picture

I really want to see more of the images, did I miss the link somewhere?

Daniel Wahlen's picture

Hey Lauren! They've posted photo sets from both Chris and Jen over on the Photo Throwdown Facebook:

Lauren Dahn's picture

Oh and I love that Jen says she is a Photogtherapist and Chris' spirit animal is a naked crazy dude. Hilarious and a ton of fun! Way to go!

Cynthia Slaughter's picture

Go Jen!!!

Derek Garner's picture

Go chris

Velma Hinton's picture

love it chris you were great .

Tricia Sardella's picture

Great work by both photographers! Love the spirit, energy, and passion!

Kathryn Costello's picture

Congrats to both. Good work!

Nick Costello's picture

Both did great but I truly felt Chris' enthusiasm and soul for his work. He puts himself completely into it.

Rana Atwi's picture

Go Chris Go!

Kristin LaScala-Goldberg's picture

Awesome job by both contestants. But what can I say, my sis-in-law is just the best! TeamJR!!!

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Kate Fain's picture

Great work to both Chris and Jen, but definitely Chris for the win!

JunkYard Landscapes's picture

#teamjenn in a league of her own.