New York City - [Part 1]

For the first ever Photo Throwdown, we went BIG. As in the Big Apple! Join us as challengers Jennifer Rozenbaum and Chris Fain go head to head in New York City. You'll see our challengers receive and prepare for their challenge, race each other through the busy streets of Manhattan in hopes of gaining a leg up on the competition, and get hit with a REFOCUS that will have you saying…BKAWK! The battle begins now!

Find out how Jen and Chris handle the surprise REFOCUS and vote for the winner of this battle!

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Damian Battinelli's picture

I'm SO proud of my team!!

Oscar De La Villa Jr's picture

Amazing concept guys!


Brainstorming my submission video right now!

I picture myself throwing down against Karaminder!

Patti Killingsworth Smith's picture

This is so exciting!! Great video. Can't wait until next week!!

John Faison's picture

Well done!! Very excited to watch this develop, really looking forward to the showcase showdown.

Shane Foster's picture

Chris!!!!!! This is very exciting man. Cant wait for next week!

David Crewe's picture

Very well done Damian! Proud of you and the team!

Scott Thomas's picture

Great concept, and things like REFOCUS are great to keep up interest. But, run through the park to find a cable? Seriously? That's an episode? This has huge potential, but needs to step it up a bit.

Damian Battinelli's picture

Thanks for the input, Scott! We have a lot of work ahead of us for sure! We're in the beginning stages and comments will help us grow. :)

Neil van Niekerk's picture

Interesting concept ... but the camerawork is far too jittery and jerky. This makes the video hard to watch. i.e., help us, the audience, out here a bit.

Daniel Weisblum's picture

Can't wait for next week! I'm hooked!

Eyejoy's picture

Looking forward to the next episode!

LL Photography's picture

Duuuuuude... That's pretty awesome. For your first episode you guys did really really good. I like this concept a lot... Keep up the great work. I know this is going to do very well. If you ever come to San Diego I'll let all my buddies know :D

Carla Plouin's picture

OK, I'm already a fan! This is cool!! :-D
Looking forward to episode #2!

Vlatka Blanca Casper's picture