Montreal - [Part 2] - Voting ends: MAY 6th, 2015

Now is the time to watch Emilie and Jason take on the MAIN CHALLENGE! Emilie gets an OPTION for winning the MINI CHALLENGE. Will it ruin Jason's chances? See them rush around trying to get the perfect shot in order to gain complete bragging rights along with a KICK ASS prize package!! Who's it gonna be? #TEAMEMILIE or #TEAMJASON

  • Emilie Tournevache
    50.2%935 votes
  • Jason Greer
    49.8%928 votes

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Isab Rico's picture

#TEAMEMILIE the best :)

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Yeah !

Ségolène Perrez's picture

Bonjour Émilie, je suis la petite fille de Nelly. J'ai vu quelques unes de vos photographies qui sont très belles. Bon courage !

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Merciii :D

Andrée Patola's picture

Je vote Émilie, la plus talentueuse sans aucun doute! Merde

Emilie Tournevache's picture


Francine Breton's picture

Je t'appuie Émilie... Bon succès!

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Merciiii :D

Isabelle Mas's picture

allez emilie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emilie Tournevache's picture


Phorum Deuxdé's picture


Emilie Tournevache's picture


Jessica Specque's picture


Emilie Tournevache's picture


Cynthia Brown Allen's picture

Good Luck Jason!!

Debbie Burns's picture

#TEAMJASON all the way! You both did an awesome job, but my loyalties lie with Plattsburgh talent ;-)

Christie Frank's picture

Go Jason!!!

Michèle Thurnherr's picture

Very Nice Emilie !

Dany Titmamoune's picture

Je vote pour Emilie et son esprit inventif ... Tu es trop forte Emilie !

Chris Rosenquest's picture

Great episode! It's certainly hard to pick between the two. Both did a great job... Great work @PhotoThrowdown. Another excellent production!

Victoria Davison Heroux's picture

Good luck Jason

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Esteban Gotti's picture

Jason guy because I said so and I own the internet

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David Zuluaga's picture

Go Emilie, yo'll be the one!

Daniel Davrieux's picture

Let go Emilie

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Lisa Maher's picture

Team Jason ... great shot and ideas. Still lots of room to do edits to warm it up or adjust to any other "refocuses" that might come up ! as for Emilie, I really liked the warm tones and colors.

Bruno Kongawoin's picture

You both were AWESOME, shame that there must be only one winner. Good luck guys...

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Séverine Martin's picture

The winner is....................................Emilie Tournevache!! I hope sincerely! The last day to know. Biz de France

Penny Vaillancourt-Leblanc's picture

Team Jason

Nikki Edwards's picture

#teamjason love the look of his shot!

Ulisses Pinheiro's picture

Duas imagens bem diferentes, a dela é uma foto focada em produtos, e a dele mais dinâmica.

Capucine Perrez's picture

Très jolie photos! Bonne continuation! Capucine, la petite sœur de Ségolène

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Sylvie Pelletier's picture

Bonne chance Émilie, beau travail.

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Michel Prigent's picture

Salut Emilie on est avec toi ca va le faire !!!!!!

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Roch Oréfice's picture

A voté, resserrons un peu cet écart. Good luck, miss.

Beth Stansbury's picture

#TEAMJASON!!! Did photos for my daughter's family; wonderful work!!!

Elisa Mar's picture

Allez Emilie!!!

Darlene Pickering's picture

Great job Jason

Jean-Charles Dalbies's picture

You are the best Emilie, believe in you! #TEAMEMILIE

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