Montreal - [Part 2] - Voting ends: MAY 6th, 2015

Now is the time to watch Emilie and Jason take on the MAIN CHALLENGE! Emilie gets an OPTION for winning the MINI CHALLENGE. Will it ruin Jason's chances? See them rush around trying to get the perfect shot in order to gain complete bragging rights along with a KICK ASS prize package!! Who's it gonna be? #TEAMEMILIE or #TEAMJASON

  • Emilie Tournevache
    50.2%935 votes
  • Jason Greer
    49.8%928 votes

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Heather Garrow's picture

Loved team Jason's final pic, fits the Plattsburgh scene much more!!

Roxan Babin's picture

Exactly haha.. You have to know Plattsburgh scene... Emilio's pictured did not portray Plattsburgh AT ALL hahah

Roxan Babin's picture

Woops. *emilies

Alain Fournier's picture

Émilie Tournevache a une séduisante folie qui emporte l'adhésion! Je vote pour elle!

Nathalie Gagnon's picture

#TEAMEMILIE. Go Go Go Émilie. You projet is awesome!

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Nathalie Merciii :)

Monique Rodriguez's picture


Ateliersdelaforet Rose's picture

j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais Emilie.

Emilie Tournevache's picture

merciiii :D

Kathryn Costello's picture

Great episode. Tough decision. Kudos to both these photographers because food photography is very difficult. I love the way Jason operated and I think with a little more time to pull all the elements he was working on together, his shot would have knocked it out the park. As it is I slightly prefer the rustic feel of Emilie's.

Catherine Lesieur's picture

Team Emilie. J'aime beaucoup la chaise moi aussi. On dirait quelque chose qu'on retrouverais dans une cour boho rustique de Berkeley... :-)

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Yeyyye !

Russell Gaines's picture

Nice work, both of you

Khristian Michaels's picture

I voted #TEAMJASON but wishing both contestants the best of luck! Keep up the good work Emile & Jason :)

Robin Cullis's picture


Laurence Masson's picture

good luck emilie

Andy Foster's picture

#TEAMEMILIE great work got the summer juices flowing for me #headshotcrew

Gilles Boulet's picture

Emilie indeed!

Sarah Jayde Bruno's picture

#TEAMEMILIE! Good luck!

Céline Madec's picture

Bravo Émilie !!!

Jean-Claude Guillaumé's picture

Again, Emilie displayed her great talent! I vote for her.

Kathy Miller Biegel's picture

#TEAMJASON Awesone job!!

Rye Muir's picture

Great concept. Loved Jasons idea about not misrepresenting the ingredients in the beer.

Pierre Sinro's picture

Moi je vote pour EMilie tournevache ,

Nelly Mauger's picture

Bon courage Emilie, on te soutient de Normandie

Catherine Bonneau's picture

Votez pour #TEAMEMILIE. C'est la meilleure !

Priscilla Alban's picture

Jason's photo is my choice.

KayDee Banik's picture


Narith Chhay's picture

#TEAMEMILIE Go emilie!

Fabienne Benatti-lemaitre's picture

Je vote pour Émilie Tournevache

Audrey Gllm's picture

#teamEmilie go go goooo! La meilleure <3

Jocelyne Breton's picture

#TEAMEmilie It was difficult to choose between the two candidates... They have develop their set up with two different approaches. Jason work more with textures in a bare decor focussing only on the base product. Emily chose to give the impression that this product, while being close to nature and old habits (illustrate with the old chair), is changing with youth and emerging trends by adding fruit in it. So, Emily's shots where more representative to bring out the variety flavour of the pruduct and the summer were subtly evoked only by the chosen lighting. Her first Idea was the best one, with that wood old chair and fruits, because her set up suggest both the timeless character of the product and a breath of fresh air and a zest of "Joie de vivre"!

Dia Pearl's picture

You're doing great, Jason. You have my vote.

Ya-ya Yamamoto's picture

#TEAMEMILIE!!! Love the warmth in the photo shot!! Xxx

Jennifer Booth's picture

In mid shooting they were asked for a summer feel, Emilie (great photographer) did not meet the expectation as it was giving off a fall feel with deeper, richer colors. Jason's (equally great photographer) did give off a very summer vibe. GO #TEAMJASON. You truly won in my books!!

Isabelle Mas's picture

je vote Emilie TOURNEVACHE que plein de toulousains te soutiennent!!!

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Ouiiiiii !!! merciiii :D

Michel Leclerc's picture

Je vote pour Émilie ...belle créativité ...

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Merciiii :D

Marcy Amell's picture


Fany Deon's picture

Cette Émilie ! Chapeau !

Holly Plumadore's picture

Jason's pic gives the sense of cold and refreshing beer. The pour action was a great artistic touch! #TEAMJASON

Tayeb Abdesselam's picture

Hats off to both but I vote for Emilie!

Thomas Corriveau's picture

grrreat ! go Emilie go !

Jean-Philippe Waaub's picture

Bonne chance Émilie

Laurie Rock's picture

You got this.

Carole Raby's picture

#TEAMEMILIE no doubt!

Yann Roche's picture

#TEAMEMILIE. Go Emilie. We cheer for you. You are the best. Period

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Yeyyyeee !!!

Beckie Greenhaw's picture