Montreal - [Part 2] - Voting ends: MAY 6th, 2015

Now is the time to watch Emilie and Jason take on the MAIN CHALLENGE! Emilie gets an OPTION for winning the MINI CHALLENGE. Will it ruin Jason's chances? See them rush around trying to get the perfect shot in order to gain complete bragging rights along with a KICK ASS prize package!! Who's it gonna be? #TEAMEMILIE or #TEAMJASON

  • Emilie Tournevache
    50.2%935 votes
  • Jason Greer
    49.8%928 votes

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Way to go Jason! You have my vote #TEAMJASON

Beth Rancour Montville's picture

#TEAMJASON!!! Great job Jason!!

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#teamjason what an amazing shot! Loved it

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it seemed unclear as to what emilies picture was advertising for.. if I didn't know I would say it was for a fruit stand.. Nice shot but Jason's shot screamed beer and summer vibes.

Tami Roussel's picture

You've got this #teamjason. Loved it!!! ;)

Jodie Hebert's picture

Both could work, but I liked the hand / human interaction with the product / more tangible Jason.

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#TEAMJASON all the way! There shouldn't be any doubt who won that round! Go Jason, kick some butt.

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#TEAMJASON all the way! I Love the way the pic has a simple flow to it... Awesome job! Keep up the creative job!

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Jason il est pas beau

Joo Chirac's picture

Mais vous savez pas du tous servir la biere

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j'adore tout simplement. Bravo.

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Bravo Emilie ..

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Great job Jason! I'm watching this at 8AM and have a strange, early-morning craving for beer!

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Je vote pour Émilie Tournevache

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Pour l'aspect artisanal et rustique, go Émilie!

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#TEAMEMILIE superbe travail, je te souhaite la meilleure des chances!!

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Go Greer!!! Team Jason!

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#TEAMEMILIE - et vive la France :D

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Emilie !

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Tous avec Emilie ! #TEAMEMILIE SRC RULEZ

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#TEAMEMILIE keep up the good work

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Team Jason!

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Super Emilie...

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#TEAMEMILIE Having worked for a drinks company previously, that looks exactly the type of image we'd use for one of our look books/creative look and feel documents

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Wouaah Thank you sooo much !!!!

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TeamJason all the way!

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You got my vote!

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I am the 200th ! You'll win ma petite Mimi because you're the best, je suis fier de toi et je croise les doigts pour que ton travail porte ses fruits. A très bientôt en France, millions de bisous ma puce.

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Merciiii <3

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I have to go with Emilie and her fruit arraignment. Jason just doesn't pass for the professional hand model look. (Beer looks great though!)

Emilie Tournevache's picture

yeyyye Thank you :)

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great episode! good job to all involved.

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and now i'm thirsty.

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Great job, Jason and Emilie! Great show, Damien!! I enjoyed the concept and the blended local feel of Montreal and Plattsburgh! North Country proud is international!! Jason's photo is stronger. It has great marketing campaign potential and makes me thirsty!!! Go #TEAMJASON!!!!

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Go team Jason!!! #TEAMJASON

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Absolutely Jason!

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My vote is for Team Jason. He tried so many different settings. I like that he was actually in the final picture. It takes good timing to get just the right shot! Good job!

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Got my vote Jason !! :)