Montreal - [Part 2] - Voting ends: MAY 6th, 2015

Now is the time to watch Emilie and Jason take on the MAIN CHALLENGE! Emilie gets an OPTION for winning the MINI CHALLENGE. Will it ruin Jason's chances? See them rush around trying to get the perfect shot in order to gain complete bragging rights along with a KICK ASS prize package!! Who's it gonna be? #TEAMEMILIE or #TEAMJASON

  • Emilie Tournevache
    50.2%935 votes
  • Jason Greer
    49.8%928 votes

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Vanessa Cicarelli Greer's picture

#TEAMJASON all the way! LOVED watching this episode! Way to go Jason, Emilie and Photo Throwdown team!

Paul Frederick's picture

Both look good but I give Jason the edge as his photo allows for more copy to be added to the image for a print campaign, and more options to create something humorous for the wording. Lastly it adds the human element, always important for advertising!

Kelly Amestoy's picture

#TEAMJASON!! Awesome job!!

Mike Robson's picture

#TEAMJASON Why are we voting, I think its clear who knocked it out of the park.

Corey Shannon Monette's picture

Jason your ideas were so creative and did not lose touch of what this shoot was about... it's about the beer!! Love the creativity....

Ashley Bushmoore's picture

#TEAMJASON FTW! Both super talented and loved the episode.

Ian Woo's picture

#TEAMEMILIE ! I like the warm tone, the rustic sort of look with that wooden chair (great instinct!) makes me think of handcrafted and artisanal for the beer. Even if I did not know the beer had notes of the fruits, the fruit implies a freshness and summery vibe as well as helps gets the appetite/thirst going. On a more technical front I love the side lighting and how you controlled the reflections a bit with the boards!

I think Jason did a much better job with styling the beer itself, with the foam and getting the glass and the floor a bit messy. I'd like to see those pics because they were probably pretty strong looking! I think the floor shots would have also showcased the beer more with his lighting ideas, and it's a shame that it looks like he ran out of time before adding these creative touches back to the table shot! Unfortunately I think the final image looks a bit sterile and plain, but could probably be improved greatly with a simple vertical crop to avoid the redundant space and focus in on the "action"--the human element and the pour is nice.

A simple trick I would have recommended was to get some water drops sprayed on the sides of the glass just by dipping your finger tips and flicking toward the glass or even getting a mouthful of beer and spitting! (Hey, when you're pressed for time!) The "condensation" would also help to imply the ambient temperature and the whole chilly beer/warm day thing. Bravo to both though, it looks like it was a lot of fun!

Catherine Dalbies's picture

Je vote pour EmilieTournevache et lui souhaite la plus grande réussite pour son avenir

Catherine Dalbies's picture

Emilie Tournevache une grande pro

Isabelle Aubry's picture

#TEAMEMILIE Super challenge, bravo à Emilie et Jason pour le travail de réflexion mais je vote pour Emilie à cause de la touche nature avec le bois et les fruits ! Le naturel, ça donne la pêche plus que le plastique pour l'été !

Jennifer Greer's picture

They are both very talented photographers. I vote for Jason! Will definitely have to travel south and try this beer now!

Steve Gibson's picture

#TEAM JASON Way to go brother. Awesome job

Stephanie Manson's picture

#TEAMJASON loved it!!

Shane Dutil's picture

Team Jason. When I think of beer I don't think of fruit. I feel like that is a pairing for wine....

Lorien McCormick-Blaine's picture

# Team Jason!!!! Both competitors did a great job but Jason's was perfection!

Danielle Guillaumé Dalbies's picture

Bravo Emilie, tu es une "pro" !!! Continue sur ta lancée ....

Eddie Vega's picture

Both shots look cool. However...
Great job Jason!!!
Slick technique using the 2nd glass for a richer head of beer!

Maria Dalbies's picture

Bravo Emilie, je suis fière de toi !

Emily Rose's picture

#TEAMJASON hands down! Great job both of you! :)

Carrie Baker's picture

#TEAMJASON! They both did great and it was so much fun to watch but I have to go with Jason!

Elaine Zelker's picture

Go Emilie!!!!

Adrian Orozco's picture


Tim Coburn Photog's picture

Wooohooo Go Emilie!!! #teamemilie

Denise Laramée's picture

Bonne chance!

Noreen Lavoie's picture


Jennifer Booth's picture


Cynthia Hamilton's picture

You definitely had the better shot, Jason! Good luck!!!

Guy Gendron's picture

Bonne chance Émilie!!!!

Chris Noakes's picture

Fantastic job both... but Emilie is Canadian so yeah, sorry Jason lol.

Jason Greer's picture

Actually I am Canadian by birth and spent 1/2 my life in Canada, Emilie is from France! LOL

Emilie Tournevache's picture

But I'M Canadian !!!! and moreover I choosed to be Canadian !!! And I'm proud of it !!! :D Oh and yeah I Live there ;P

Jason Greer's picture

Way to play the "I live there" card! :)

Chris Noakes's picture

Hahahahaha sorry man.

Emilie Tournevache's picture


Yann Roche's picture

Wooaw classy comment!!!

Bethany Arthur's picture

#TEAMJASON!! I may be a little biased because he and his wife photographed my wedding! Both did an excellent job and loved the show!

Elodie De Waele's picture


Wes Chazy's picture

As someone who doesn't like to mix fruit with beer I would rather drink the beer that Jason shot. Overtones of a fruit are one thing, but big chunks of fruit should go in sangria not my beer.

Eddie Vega's picture

Way to go, Jason!

Bulté Jérôme's picture

super émilie ! trop forte !

Roxan Babin's picture

#teamjason All the waaaay

Nancy Babin's picture

Go Jason Go!!!!!

Jocey OKee's picture

Both look great but Jasons shot was so cool and MADE ME WANT TO DRINK THE BEER!! Loved it and noce iob Jason!

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Ashley Russell's picture

Good luck #TEAMJASON!

Webdanse Uqam's picture

Emilie Tournevache is the best!

Rob Faller's picture

#TEAMJASON All the way!!

Connie Brown's picture

#Team Jason all the way !!!

Roxan Babin's picture

Let's go people team Jason for the win ❤️❤️❤️Vote vote vote

Sally McSweeney's picture

Jason's photo was perfect for a beer ad. Great job.