Little Rock - [Part 2] - Voting ends: DECEMBER 3rd, 2014

Watch Caleb Shane and Jacob Slaton take on the main challenge while adhering to the REFOCUS! How would YOU handle not being able to vocally direct your subject? Luckily for Jacob, he won the mini challenge and was given a leg up on Caleb.

  • Caleb Shane
    53.6%460 votes
  • Jacob Slaton
    46.4%399 votes

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Hannah Sellers's picture

Caleb is the best! :D

Heather Pile's picture

Beautiful movement, symmetry and lighting Jacob!!!

Grayson Greer's picture

Slaton, no contest

Aaron Minick's picture

You've got a great eye, Caleb!

Pamela Hookstra's picture

Go Jacob, go!

Joshua Kane Thompson's picture

#voteforcaleb - KYT

Cydney Smith's picture

Great job, Jacob!!!

Markmartinez's picture

Love Caleb! And great shot!

Christopher Rollins's picture

Looks great Caleb!

Kirstie Cantwell's picture

Vote Caleb, he rocks!!

Ryan West's picture

Kudos to Jacob for thinking out of the box and moving up stairs. The way he set up the lighting looks more natural and the tonality is great!

Shannon Lafferty-Via's picture

Jacob is amazing!

Alex Blankenship's picture

I voted for Caleb

Tanja Jameson's picture

Win this, Jacob. I mean, no pressure. BUT FOR THE LOVE....WIN THIS.

Courtneycarmain's picture

We love Caleb!!!!

Jacob Rodriguez's picture

Caleb is solid. Not only is he great at what he does but has great character! Vote for him

Krysta Rupp's picture

Jacob Slaton rocked this throw down!

Andrew Bennett's picture

Caleb Lollar is my hero

Matthew Ace's picture

We love you Caleb!!! Jess and I both voted!

Brendo Sue's picture

Go Jacob! You got my vote my friend!

Hunter I Riley's picture

Great location for a shoot. I like Jacob's out of the box thinking during the episode. And the final shot pulls ahead to cross the finish line first in my opinion.

Kristen Valley's picture

Jacob YOU ROCK!!

Erica York's picture

Great work guys!

John Blakney's picture

Go Jacob.

Krysta's picture

OMG! JACOB SLATON totally nailed it! His photos, creativity, and professionalism were far superior! Vote Jacob!

Marisa Pugh's picture


Angela Shy's picture

Love the lighting and symmetry in jacob's photo..

Betty Pittman's picture

So hard to choose between the two! Such great shots by both photographers.
Suggestion: If you could make it possible to see the final shots without having to watch all of Part 2 again it would make the voting process a lot easier.

Jerry Arrington's picture

Both photographers attempted to grasped rules of contest and competed professionally. Jacob edged out Caleb based on the choice of position of dancers as the dancers flew to their higest point the only restraint was the ceiling of the structure. In Jacob final product he captured the dancers as they looked to the heavens even though the building contained them. Great work by both talents. Jerry Wayne Arrington

Hannah Johnson's picture

Go Jacob!

Bill Lottner's picture

Very well done Jacob! I can see the your confidence in your shooting. That is vital when shooting subjects that aren't used to standing in front of a lens.

Charles Serpente's picture

There's nothing up in the air about Jacob's performance, it's better!

Vanessa Adams's picture

Vote for Jacob!

Danny Arrigo's picture

Pretty Cool Jacob!

KelliBradley's picture

What a talent!

Caleb Harris's picture

Both great dudes. Both great photos. This is difficult! Seriously though, way to represent Little Rock.

Laura Finlay's picture

Jacob's photographs are beautiful and he is amazing to work with. His creativity and ability to make the most of his environment are true talents. I love that he incorporated the old character of the Dreamland Ballroom as a backdrop to enhance his photograph.

Caleb Masse's picture

I'm not really into photography. I watched the video cause I lost a bet. The sweaty guy made better use of his time restriction and seemed great to work with by making light of the apparent hurdles. Vote goes for Caleb.

Bridge Biniakewitz's picture

Get em Caleb

Erica Vinson's picture

Go Jacob!!

April Childers's picture

Good luck Jacob!!

Marci Richardson's picture

Great job Jacob!

Random Robot's picture


Krysta Rupp's picture