Little Rock - [Part 2] - Voting ends: DECEMBER 3rd, 2014

Watch Caleb Shane and Jacob Slaton take on the main challenge while adhering to the REFOCUS! How would YOU handle not being able to vocally direct your subject? Luckily for Jacob, he won the mini challenge and was given a leg up on Caleb.

  • Caleb Shane
    53.6%460 votes
  • Jacob Slaton
    46.4%399 votes

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Vince Minick's picture

Caleb is da man!!!

Denise Minick's picture

Caleb Shane is Awesome!!

Tonya Lollar's picture

Caleb, you make me so proud!!

Kara Battinelli's picture

Awesome job, guys!!!!!!!!

Patti Killingsworth Smith's picture

This gets tougher every time!... both are really great, but there's just something I like better in Jacob's photo.... !

Michelle Mosley's picture

Awesome Caleb!!!!

Kathryn Costello's picture

This was hard! I like them both for different reasons. I thought the dancers were having fun with Caleb and he seemed to have a very good sense of timing. I thought it was interesting that Jacob went upstairs to photograph the dancers without distractions, when Caleb had the cleaner background downstairs just with the light falloff. (It looked like an ice rink.) I liked Jacob's background though. That rustic setting and the quality of his light made the shot really interesting to me. I also liked that he did the same move over and over with different variations. I think that persistence paid off. Jacob gets my vote. But I really did like them both!

Chris Rosenquest's picture

Both were good... composition was better with Jacob! He's got my vote.

travis tucker's picture

Caleb Shane is a hero to all

John Esparza's picture

Good stuff! The Lolluhr guy is actually pretty good! Love his edge..

Kaitlyn Costello Fain's picture

Both look great, but I have to give it to Jacob!

Joe French's picture

Caleb Lollar Baller

Adrian Orozco's picture

Nice job to both photographers! Really enjoyed this episode. I had to give it to Jacob on this. I liked the lighting and composition a little better. And to be able to freeze motion like that and still be tack sharp (from what I can tell), bravo! I'm sure the flash duration on those Profotos didn't hurt either! Can't wait for the next episode!

Joseph Krishna's picture

I dig Caleb's style!

Jake Keet's picture

Good luck Jacob!

Caleb Lollar's picture


Alexis Penner's picture

Caleb's ballet is on point just like his photo.

Betsy Stevenson's picture

Jacob has amazing vision and his ability to capture the essence of a subject in a moment is truly inspiring

Jacob Slaton's picture

Thanks to everyone who's been voting and sharing! This was a super fun experience - may the best photo win!!

Mary Ruddle's picture

Loved watching this Jacob!! And of course you have my vote!!

Michael Juiliano's picture

Beautiful shot Jacob! Love watching the wheels turn.

Casey Cromer Stewart's picture

Strong work, jacob

Kayla Hare's picture

Caleb ALL the way!

James Mercer's picture

#voteforcaleb I sure did

David Leadham's picture

Hollrrrr for Lollar

Christon Cromwell's picture

Love Caleb!

Adrianna Keith's picture

Caleb does some amazing work. I am a fellow photographer based out of Iowa and I have been following his work for a couple months now and I always enjoy seeing him grow and learn new things. Been able to exchange comments a few times which was cool & I look forward to seeing if he wins! Good luck!

Michael Slaton's picture

Jake the snake for the win!

Damon Mays's picture

Jacob all the way..Support beards!!

John David Pittman's picture

Damian and I thought we may have gone too far with the REFOCUS on this one but both Caleb and Jacob showed true professionalism in having to deal with not being able to verbally direct their subjects. Great job gentlemen! You represented yourselves and the Little Rock photography market well. Good luck!

DM's picture

Vote Caleb Shane!!

Rob McBryde's picture

Jacob. #becausebeard

Anthony Taborda's picture

I love caleb

Bill Carpenter's picture

I love Jacob's work! I love his heart! Thanks, Jacob!

J.j. Tucker's picture

Caleb all the way! He is such a good guy

Cameron Tyler's picture

Vote Caleb. Dude knows his stuff.

Tony AndJanie Minick's picture

GREAT JOB CALEB!!! You did it.

John Johnson's picture

Caleb. The end.

John Allen's picture

Slaton killed it!
Screw misery!!!

Wes Halliburton's picture

Caleb .!

Cody Cressey's picture

I have no idea who this Caleb kid is but what a vision!!! Vote Caleb!!!!!!!

Gordon Clark's picture

Wow both great, and both very different. I think I'm going with Jacob, based on the difficulty of the shot and the amazing expression the dancer has!

Senzela Atmar's picture

GO CALEB. You da mannnn!

Danielle Erb's picture

LOVE this episode! As a dancer, having just done a couple of photo shoots with photographers not familiar with dance, this would have been great for them to watch beforehand. Would have been nice to get the opinions of the dancers to see how they think they did. I personally had to go with Caleb. His timing was just spot on. Jacob...the dancer in your pic had beautiful extensions, but failed to capture that in this pic. Her back leg in this shot is just shy of full extension. This is a VERY tough jump to catch perfectly on film as both legs need to be fully extended. Both did a GREAT job considering their unfamiliarity though! Great job! :)

Chris Beatty's picture

Jacob killed it. Nice work!

Becky Milner Curry's picture

Great job, Jacob. Love the lighting and the overhead beams and the way the model is centered between the windows.

Anthony Valley's picture

Slaton. All the way.

Paul Frederick's picture

I like them both and couldnt imagine shooting without communicating! Of the two pics entered I like Jacob's composition better.

Chipper Via's picture

Tough vote, you guys are both awesome people and awesome photographers.

miguel aguilar's picture

Great work shane