Little Rock - [Part 1]

We're in Little Rock, Arkansas! Watch Caleb Shane and Jacob Slaton put their dance skills, we mean photography skills to the test. Who will win the mini challenge to secure their advantage for the main challenge? Sit back, sip a coffee, and watch this episode unfold.

Tune in next week to find out how Caleb and Jacob handle the surprise REFOCUS and vote for the winner of this battle!

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Damian Battinelli's picture

I'm nervous for them and I was THERE!!! LOL

Dan Hughes's picture

These guys are AWESOME. Gotta set that shutter speed and pull the darkslide though... That syntax, it'll get you every time. The Historical Dreamland Ballroom is AMAZING! I need to shoot there!

Linda Slaton's picture

How do I vote? Please tell me!

Jordan Springer's picture

Vote after the second video miss Linda!

John Via's picture

Slaton you're my boy Blue!