The Mission

Photo Throwdown’s mission is to provide a fun and challenging environment for photographers to push themselves creatively, to create opportunities through friendly competition and supply educational tutorials for photographic artists to discover or re-awaken something inside of them. All this in hopes of helping to take their career to a level they have only previously dreamed of. A boost in confidence of sorts. Our YouTube channel will feature educational tutorials that will be based on our own everyday experiences as working photographers and geared toward those who are simply eager to learn more about the craft. Check out and SUBSCRIBE!

The Concept

Photo Throwdown is the Internet challenge show you've been waiting for. Born out of the mind of Damian Battinelli and developed by the mildly inebriated minds of five photo friends from across the United States while gathered in a Las Vegas casino. Photo Throwdown is an intense, head to head battle designed to push photographers beyond their own preconceived limits.

How it works: Two photographers from a featured US city are selected by the PT crew based on their portfolio and general sunny disposition. Photographers are presented with a common challenge that is based on a specific word, picture, or phrase and then immediately presented with a mini challenge. This alone is enough to drive photographers to their wits’ end, but we don’t stop there. Midway through the work day, photographers are slapped square in the kisser with a “REFOCUS!” The “REFOCUS!” is designed for one purpose only and that is to disrupt the photographers’ workflow by presenting them with a third challenge or wrinkle. As photographers, we must adapt quickly to unforeseen challenges every day. Why not watch someone else sweat for a change? When the battle has concluded, viewers cast their vote to determine the winner and the gloating can begin. Winners will receive gear from our sponsors as well as being featured on the show, announced on all Photo Throwdown social mediums, and of course…complete bragging rights.

Photo Throwdown is the greatest photography based web series on planet Earth (and most likely the cosmos) but we need your help to make it ROCK even harder. Comment, share, and subscribe. Better yet, apply to be a battle contestant! We want you to throw down!

The Team

Damian Battinelli

Founder & Co-Creator

Damian started in the darkroom in 1995 while in high school. He attended vocational school for Graphic Design and entered the Air Force as a Graphic Designer after high school. Later, he changed careers to an Ejection Systems Mechanic but maintained his passion for photography as a hobby. He exited the military after 13.5yrs and started his own photography business in 2010. Over the course of a few years, he intensely educated himself and became one of Plattsburgh’s premiere photographers. Damian has risen to become one of the industry’s top portrait retouchers and currently retouches for headshot photographer Peter Hurley and is an Associate/Mentor for Hurley’s PH2PRO program. He has written many articles about photo retouching for reputable magazines such as Shutter Mag and Rangefinder. He currently resides in Plattsburgh, NY with his wife Kara and daughter.

John David Pittman


John David Pittman is a commercial/editorial portrait photographer based in Little Rock, AR. Pittman is a proud alumnus of the University of Central Arkansas from which he holds a degree in Speech Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. As a former bar manager, political consultant, and account manager for an international educational software company, Pittman thanks his wife daily for pushing him to pursue his passion of photography as a profession. Working as a professional photographer since 2011, Pittman's skills have grown exponentially in a short period of time drawing the attention of creative decision makers on the local, regional, and national levels. Pittman's work has been published in the pages of numerous industry trade magazines across the southern US as well as such publications as Automotive News, Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Spirit, Southern Bride, Rangefinder, and Professional Photographer Magazine. Pittman's portraiture is often described as soulful and real. He is proud to be an Associate and Mentor Photographer for NYC photographer Peter Hurley's PH2Pro program as well as an instructor for Professional Photographers of America's PPAEdu platform.

Chris Fain


Chris is an Atlanta native who made his way to “The Big Apple” in pursuit of photographic glory. As a musician and audio engineer, Chris had no clue that picking up a camera one day would change the course he had initially set out on. His first foray into photography was a simple headshot of his wife that lead him down the path that now has him working with world renowned headshot and portrait photographer Peter Hurley. Chris is constantly striving to master lighting while blending his rock and roll flair and outgoing personality. From dark and edgy to light and airy, everything about light get’s Chris’ juices flowing. Although he’s a fun loving dude, when it’s time to get down to business Chris always has his game face on.

Levy Moroshan

Director of Photography

Levy Moroshan has been in the photography field for over 10 years and video for the last 2. Working with both commercial and private individuals to deliver the best possible images and compelling video. After college he discovered his talent for lighting and photography. Agencies throughout the Northwest quickly became aware of his work and sought his services. This also led to work in the film, TV, and entertainment industry working the last few years with actors, models and celebrities. Levy currently owns and operates his production company, Sector 5 Productions. With his attention to detail and impeccable lighting, Levy takes the time to make sure each image shows the client at their best. From portrait and headshot to commercial and advertising photography, Levy gets it done.

Dan Hughes

Director of Education

For the past 5 years, Dan Hughes has been sharing his knowledge of photography and post processing with the public, creating and presenting over 2,000 presentations for Macphun Software, Nik Software, Google, and various photographic companies and groups. With a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Advertising Photography, Dan lives and breathes all things photography. He continues to actively study photographic history and aesthetics while continuously photographing and post-processing his own images. Classically trained, Dan is knowledgeable in both film and digital technologies, and is as much at home with his 4x5 cameras as he is shooting with a cellphone or cutting edge DSLR cameras. His ability to teach and share his passion for photography has made him highly respected in the photography industry.