Montreal - [Part 2] - Voting ends: MAY 6th, 2015

Now is the time to watch Emilie and Jason take on the MAIN CHALLENGE! Emilie gets an OPTION for winning the MINI CHALLENGE. Will it ruin Jason's chances? See them rush around trying to get the perfect shot in order to gain complete bragging rights along with a KICK ASS prize package!! Who's it gonna be? #TEAMEMILIE or #TEAMJASON


Montreal - [Part 1]

We went international for our Season 2 opener!! Emilie Tournevache and Jason Greer battle it out to show the world who can handle the pressures of being a photographer! Watch them run around Montreal in the FREEZING cold to see who wins the MINI CHALLENGE for that coveted advantage for the MAIN CHALLENGE.

Photo Throwdown - Little Rock, AR (PART II)

Little Rock - [Part 2] - Voting ends: DECEMBER 3rd, 2014

Watch Caleb Shane and Jacob Slaton take on the main challenge while adhering to the REFOCUS! How would YOU handle not being able to vocally direct your subject? Luckily for Jacob, he won the mini challenge and was given a leg up on Caleb.

PhotoThrowdown - Little Rock, AR (PART I of II)

Little Rock - [Part 1]

We're in Little Rock, Arkansas! Watch Caleb Shane and Jacob Slaton put their dance skills, we mean photography skills to the test. Who will win the mini challenge to secure their advantage for the main challenge? Sit back, sip a coffee, and watch this episode unfold.

Photo Throwdown - San Diego, CA (PART II)

San Diego - [Part 2] - Voting ends: NOVEMBER 2nd, 2014

In the conclusion to our San Diego throwdown with Levy Moroshan and Dan Hughes, the guys are given their REFOCUS! and start their challenge with LIMITED time! Check out how they perform under pressure and see their final shots so you can cast your VOTE!

Photo Throwdown - San Diego, CA (Part 1)

San Diego - [Part 1]

Our very own Dan Hughes and Levy Moroshan go head to head, mano a mano, Director of Photography vs Director of Education, photographer vs…, you get the idea! In Part I you’ll see Dan and Levy take on the mini challenge in hopes of earning a special reward to help them during the main challenge! You’ll also be able to see their images BEFORE they’re judged by the legendary TIM MANTOANI. Time to THROWDOWN!

Photo Throwdown - NYC (Part II)

New York City - [Part 2] - Voting ends: October 5th, 2014

Join us for the exciting conclusion of Photo Throwdown - NYC. The preparation is over and it’s time for Jen and Chris to get down to business. The challengers have been REFOCUSED and the shooting begins. The gloves are off as these two competitors go head to head to see who can win the hearts and minds of the viewers. VOTE NOW for who you think best interpreted the challenge and handled the REFOCUS with ease!

Photo Throwdown - NYC (PART I of II)

New York City - [Part 1]

For the first ever Photo Throwdown, we went BIG. As in the Big Apple! Join us as challengers Jennifer Rozenbaum and Chris Fain go head to head in New York City. You'll see our challengers receive and prepare for their challenge, race each other through the busy streets of Manhattan in hopes of gaining a leg up on the competition, and get hit with a REFOCUS that will have you saying…BKAWK! The battle begins now!

Peter Hurley - Illuminating the Face